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How to get Visual Studio Code like intellisense in sublime text


Hi, we’ve tried some of the sublime intellisense packages but none of them is working as good as the visual studio code built in intellisense, can anyone please have any directions or steps to take to get the same visual studio code like intellisense, at least for JavaScript, in sublime text.

If there’s no way to get vscode like intellisense in sublime text yet, then this is a feature request please take it seriously cuz it seems like vscode will take over sublime text if improvements aren’t made within time. So please add some official package to get vscode like (or better if possible) intellisense in sublime text.

Thank You.

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You should have a look to

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This does not work as we would like.



What we would like? (since I don’t use VSC)

I thought VSC’s Intellisense comes from LSP (but Microsoft’s implementation) as well.



A bit more of an explanation would likely get you more useful help.



My English is a little, sorry.
In the subject a person reports that in Sublim Text 3 hints (and autocomplite) do not work like in MS VS Code.

He is given advice about use of LSP.

I disagree and say that LSP (LSP-eslint) doesn’t do hints (and autocomplite), it only reports syntax errors, problems and can correct syntax errors.

May be necessary to additionally activate javascript-typescript-langserver or lsp-tsserver?




The autocomplete of VS Code is the only reason for me considering it. Wonder if that is a feature that might be on the scope for Sublime Text 4?

Also for Python and JS at least there is this:



From what I understand VSC’s autocomplete relies on LSP. You can use the LSP plugin in ST to achieve the same thing.



Every LSP has it’s own jobs. Eslint only does some linting stuff indeed.
For completion, go to definition, renaming etc…, you may try The underlying server the best one for JS/TS afaik but it’s abandoned unfortunately. I don’t know a good and actively maintained LSP for JS/TS actually since they are all abandoned and dev teams just moved to use the built-in one in VSCode (which cannot be used in other text editors at this moment because of heavily coupling?).

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Just to be clear, the LSP-Typescript plugin is well-maintained, but the underlying server is not maintained. Take your chance and start working on an exciting open-source project!

The underlying server is this one on NPM:
Or in other words, this one on Github:

Fork it, improve it, or claim maintainership. Make a contribution to open-source software.



Awesome. I completely missed that.


Thanks for the hint :smiley:



You can use SublimeCodeIntel!



It’s 3 years old… :wink:
Better use :slight_smile:



For ST4 installed LSP and LSP-typescript language server and when opening a Javascript file for the first time from the project (a Phaser HTML5 game), a prompt appears to install Nodejs local to the project (it installs local for the language server). After that working on ST4 was the same as working on VScode.
I hope it will help a bit…