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How to get plugin to play nicely with snapped out tabs?


I’m currently fighting with a plugin, and interested in thoughts as to whether I can work-around my issue. I’m not overly familiar with Sublime’s use of projects so hoping someone might be able to help.

Basically I’m using an extension ESLint-Formatter to auto-format JS on save, and I’m using something called eslint_d under the hood for this. I discovered an issue where-by if I drag a tab into a new window, then this is doing 2 things:

  • Launching a new instance of the background eslint_d process
  • Not picking up project settings (e.g. .eslintrc file)

I guess this is because the snapped out window isn’t part of a project maybe? I’m wondering if there’s a way to either:

  • Associate a pulled out tab with the project that it lives within?
  • Have some project specific settings I can provide to the plug-in to force working directories for eslint_d
  • Hear any other ideas on how I might fix this?

Thanks :slight_smile:



I can play with it tonight. But I would also recommend LSP with LSP-typescript for this.



I’ve made some progress with the tool underneath (eslint_d). The problem comes because the current working directory is no longer that of the project, but the individual file. I’m looking at ways to try and configure it override the cwd.