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How to fold everything between an opening and closing html tag?


I’m Using ST3 build 3207.
There is a feature of sublime that, a down arrow sign appears on index of every opening tag that will allow me to fold everything between the open and closing tag, when I press the arrow sign.
for example, there are 2115 lines of html code. The opening html tag is at line 2 and closing html tag is at line 2114. Now, there is a :small_red_triangle_down: (down arrow) sign appears at line 2 [which is the opening htmL tag] that fold everything till the closing html tag, and the closing tag would placed right under the opening tag …
Like this…

But the problem is this down arrow sign doesnt appears in my every opening tag, not even at the html tag !!

Does anyone understand my problem , why is this causing ???
If anyone understand the problem and know the solution, it would be very kind if let me know…



Folding in ST is based on indentation, the comments at row 5 and 15 don’t respect indentation, same for <head> that should be indented aswell being a child of <html> …



This question got asked twice, so just for the sake of completeness this is the answer to the other version of this so that they get linked together:

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