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How to find the materials to learn sublime plugin self development?


Hi, I want to learn how to develop customized plugin. could you tell me what the materials is better to learn plugin development?
I know there is a documentation about API reference. I have read it. but that lacks details for the terms View, region windows and so on. what class in what scenario should be used to meet my requirement.

is there any other good book or website for me to learn how to develop my plugin?



In the realm of blatant self promotion, apart from the API reference I think the most in depth version of this is my video series currently. I’m not aware of any other free or paid resource that covers plugin development in Sublime, just how to use Sublime in general.

This series presumes you already know Python though. Also I’m currently working out the logistics of a new run of videos, including a refresh of this material, so if you watch these and find information or presentation lacking, please let me know.



thanks. I watched some video in youtube, but not this one, I will watch it first. thanks again