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How to disable synctax highlighting complately?



I am new to Sublime Merge which is a fantastic tool. But I have a few questions. Please help.

  1. Is there a way to totally disable the C++ syntax highlighting in Sublime Merge? i…e., use the same fg/bk color for text not changed, and only highlight the parts changed. For now I remove the C++.sublime-package. But after it’s removed, the function name part for each changed code snippet is gone. An issue?

  2. The function name is a good feature. It helps me understand which function the changed code is located. But when I extend the current region of the code (by dragging the horizontal line on top/bottom of the current code region), the function name is gone. An issue?

  3. Is there shortcut to jump between the changes?

  4. Is there any way to open the complete version of the file being diff-ed? (either left or right version)

  5. I’d appreciate it if there is a method to do a content search? The searched keyword should be highlighted.


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Turn off the syntax highlighting by setting a color scheme that has no colours.

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Can you please share a specific example that works?



Maybe they mistook the question to be about Sublime Text rather than Sublime Merge.

I’d also like to try disabling syntax highlighting in Merge. Who knows how?



The answer is actually the same for Merge and Text. You’ll need a registered version, create a color scheme that doesn’t define any colors (other than for changed areas) and then specify to use it in settings. I’m sure someone not on mobile can provide a more detailed description.