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How to diagnose freeze-ups


I am a longtime user of Sublime Text. Recently I have started to have a lot of issues where Sublime will freeze up (entire application will become lighter color). This is under Windows 10. The freeze-ups last indefinitely (waiting does not help), and affect all open sublime editor windows.

Killing and restarting the application leads to the same freeze-up, within a few seconds of re-opening and trying to interact with the new sublime windows.

It could have something to do the content of the projects that I have loaded. I’m kind of a “power” user in that I frequently have multiple Sublime windows open, each with projects which point to directories with large numbers of files. It seems not to freeze on restarting if i disable hot_exit and remember_open_files. Those are important features to me though I so would prefer not to disable those and instead figure out the underlying cause of the freeze-ups and resolve them.

On the other hand I have worked with Sublime (both 2 and 3) for many years with similarly large projects and many windows open and have only recently (in the last month or two) had these kind of stability issues.

Is there some way I can diagnose these freeze-ups?



@mikecline Random guess: Add node_modules/ to index_exclude_patterns in Preferences.



Have you tried reverting to a freshly installed state? Freezing is usually caused by a misbehaving plugin.



@rppn: it’s not a web project.

…and yes I already have a number o things in my file_exclude_patterns and folder_exclude_patterns to help mitigate the large number of files under the project directory.



I have not tried reverting to a freshly installed state, but I haven’t installed any new plugins lately. I do have quite a few plugins so even if uninstalling all plugins helped, I wouldn’t find that to be a satisfactory answer, as I would need to reinstall all of them except the offending one and how would I know which one that was? I was hoping for advice that might give me more direct information about what’s causing the issue.

Also, I’m frequently able to run without having freeze-ups with the same project and same plugins. This is another reason why I feel it’s necessary to have a way of diagnosing the issue when it happens… because I’m afraid of the placebo effect here. (not immediately having the problem after trying the medecine is not good evidence that the medicine is actually solving the issue in this case)



If you get back into that state it should be easy to check whether a plugin is causing the issue. The step after that would be to use the "ignored_packages" setting to find which plugin is causing the issue. (You can do a manual binary search on all installed packages)