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How to delete virtual drive with sublime text after installation


I need an advise how to delete a virtual drive of sublime text on MacBook Air?
When the sublime text is installed, Im unmount the sublime text virtual drive and its disappear from desktop of MacBook. But when Im trying to launch the sublime text, icon of virtual drive appears on desktop again.
My apologies if the question is too newbie, but I’ve tried to google it and don’t found an answer.



I don’t think you actually installed it. You need to drag & drop the Sublime Text icon onto the Applications icon once the dmg is mounted. Once that is done, you can open it from the Applications folder or spotlight & then add it to your Dock.



srbs, thank you for your advise! I found a mistake in my actions. I’ve dragged the sublime icon onto the Applications, but icon i placed on Dock was from mounted dmg on virtual drive. So when i have launched the Sublime, the icon of mounted virtual drive was appearing. I have copied the icon of Sublime from Applications to Dock, and the problem was solved.