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How to delete build 4107


Hi everyone,

I have Sublime Text, Build 4113 on a mac.
After updating, the previous version (build 4107), the old one is kept, and sometimes it is executed instead of the most updated one.
I have tried to delete it but to begin with I cannot clearly locate the old version.
If someone knows how to do it and wants to share the information, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,



To find extraneous applications on a Mac:

  1. run the System Information application
  2. go to Software > Applications on the left pane
  3. scroll & select the two (or more) Sublime Text applications on the top half of the right pane
  4. the bottom half of the right pane has a Location field which will tell you where each are installed
  5. delete the extraneous one(s)


Hello again,

Thank you very much for answering my question; sorry that I have not responded before, today I had the opportunity to apply the solution.
I followed the steps you listed and it was easy to solve the problem of having multiple versions coexisting together.