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How to copy and paste a directory structure into Open File


With ST3 I could copy and paste a long directory structure into the open file address box and then open whatever file I wanted.

ST3 updated to ST(4) against my wishes (I opened a file with ST3 (a right click on the file) and must have double clicked and even though my copy of ST3 was open, it upgraded. SIGH): now I can only open files that are currently open in my project or go through the directory structure one folder at a time. Ctrl + L causes ST to crash.

where this is
I’d like to be able to type in the directory structure (more accurately copy and paste).
I can do it on my system, it just seems to be ST4 that prohibits this. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Running linux 19.1 64b. 4126




The key Ctrl+L is not Sublime specific, and swaps the GTK file browser from the breadcrumb view you outlined above to the traditional input view.

If that’s causing a crash, do other applications also have the same problem?



In answer to your question, no.
I can get it to work if I do ctrl+l and paste in the address real quick, mess it up and ST disappears on subsequent goes. All a bit wierd…

Guess it adds some xtra excitement :scream:

Thanks for getting back to me…




I suggest running ST on the command line with subl --multiinstance --debug and see if anything from GTK gets logged.