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How to compare files in ST4?


Native Diff is only if both files are in the same folder or project.
Compare Side by Side plugin is incorrectly opening windows in ST4.
What’s the better solution now?


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Thanks. I read this post but I don’t have this file:
I only have this:
"C:\Users\Rogerio\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Installed Packages\Compare Side-By-Side.sublime-package"

What I have to do?



Open Compare Side-By-Side.sublime-package with 7zip or WinRAR. Drag and drop the in Sublime Text. Add the following lines to file:

		# move view 1 to group 1

		new_window.set_view_index( new_window.active_view(), 0, 0 )

Remember this must be exactly in line 572 and line 573 of the file and with the right spaces. For a visual example, please see the Pull request on Bitbucket. After that, save changes and restart ST4.

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There’s also Sublimerge, which allows this without needing to pull plugins out and modify them (though it is a commercial package; you can evaluate it first though).

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Probably doesn’t matter for ST4 but there’s now a better fix that’s backward compatible with ST3. When I made the changes from that second pull request, the compare plugin was actually able to now work, but for me it still throws a “Could not load colour scheme” error every time a comparison is run. Didn’t notice any issues doing comparisons but that error comes up annoyingly every time you trigger a compare.

As for Sublimerge, I couldn’t get it to install on my ST4. It looks like the domain is down, at least as of now.



As of 2024, Compare Side-By-Side now works on ST4 without needing to patch it manually (as described above). You can just install normally / via package control. So this is now resolved.