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How to change theme coloring for Svelte components


Hey everyone,

I am using Svelte web framework, where it is the standard to name Svelte components with an uppercase first letter in the HTML tag.

I want to distinguish HTML5 tags and Svelte tags using color.

I have created the following (svelte).sublime-syntax file.

name: MySvelte

  • svelte
    scope: text.html.svelte
    • match: ‘<[A-Z][a-z0-9]*(?=[\s/>])’
      scope: text.html.svelte uppercase-tag-open
    • match: ‘</[A-Z][a-z0-9]*’
      scope: text.html.svelte uppercase-tag-close
    • include: scope:text.html.basic

and added a ./User/darkula.sublime-color-scheme file.

“variables”: {},
“globals”: {},
“rules”: [
“scope”: “text.html.svelte uppercase-tag-open”,
“foreground”: “#00689c”,
“scope”: “text.html.svelte uppercase-tag-close”,
“foreground”: “#00689c”,

It works nicely except for 2 issues.

  1. in the menu View > Syntax, I now have a “MySvelte” option which is understandable. However, I would like to extend the darkula theme and not create a new “MySvelte” theme. Is that possible?

  2. Attribute in Svelte tags have now lost their coloring.

What am I doing wrong?

A bit of ranting.

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Just my two cents, but I think it’s time to get that ST4 license. :wink:



Attribute in Svelte tags have now lost their coloring.

That’s caused by the very naive syntax rule (<[A-Z][a-z0-9]*(?=[\s/>])) matching the whole component tag, without addressing attributes.

You’d probably want to try package, which is probably easier than writing your own.

I would like to extend the darkula theme

All <name>.sublime-color-scheme files found in any package are merged. A sublime-color-scheme file in Packages/User should also be merged into old *.tmTheme color schemes, AFAIK. Extending or customizing an existing color scheme is possible.

Some rules of thumb:

  1. order of rules doesn’t matter
  2. the most specific pattern matches.

So if your scopes are less specific, they might not be used.

I don’t however see an obvious reason for given color scheme example not working.

Note, you can ctrl+shift+p to display scope of token under cursor. That might help with customizing color schemes for existing syntaxes.