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How to change text size?


i have tried many ways my self but i didnt find any option . can any body halp me please???



If you are referring to font size, then all you need to do is go to Preferences: Settings from the command palette and add font_size: <my_value> to the user settings on the right hand window (If it doesn’t exist). Replace <my_value> with your desired font size. The default value is 10.

From the keyboard, you can use ctrl + = to increase the font size incrementally by 1 (|||ly ctrl + - to decrease by 1 after each press).

They are also available as menu items using Preferences -> Font from the main menu.

If you want to do it using your mouse, holding ctrl and scrolling the mouse wheel in the forward direction increases the font size & |||ly scrolling it in the opposite direction decreases it.

Hope this helps !



Thanks very much bro