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How to change text color


I am using color scheme “Monokai” in Sublime Text 3.2.2 and want to change the color of the commented text.

I´ve been trying to find an answer in the documentation, to no avail.

From searching other threads in this forum I understand it has to do with opening a file and tweaking parameters, but it is not clear at all to me how to do it (which file, how to open it and which parameter I have to modify), so any help in this regard will be more than appreciated.

Many thanks.



Ok. I think I have to open “Color Scheme - Default.sublime-package”.
There I understand I have to tweak the color parameters in the “Monokai.sublime-color-scheme” part.

So, what´s the proper way to open and save this kind of files?
They open up in the Note pad (Windows 10), but with some strange symbols…
When opening in Sublime Text I just get a huge list of groups of 4 numbers…

I know I´m close, please give me a hint!! :slight_smile:



No, you don’t want to do that unless you want your color scheme changes to vanish mysteriously out from under you without any warning or notice the next time Sublime upgrades itself.

See the official documentation on color schemes which talks about the format of the color scheme file in general, and the section on Customization (which is where the link here will take you) tells you how to create the appropriate file to make the modification.

The PackageDev package has a PackageDev: Edit Current Color Scheme command that will open the appropriate files for you (and ST4 has a built in UI: Customize Color Scheme command that does the same) to make the job easier.

This video demonstrates how to do this manually and with PackageDev; the link starts you right at the part that demonstrates this.


Highlight contrast

OdatNurd, so many thanks for your quick and clear explanation! Great job!

I have perfectly managed to do what I intended (basically to put the comments a bit brighter in Monokai, for it was difficult for me to read it and, learning Python as I am, I write tons and tons of commented lines). In doing so, I have also learned quite a bit about “json” files, etc., so many thanks for your clarity.

If it would be possible to fold/unfold blocks with user selected strings of characters (#+) (#-) that would be absolutely fantastic!!!
(I know I am mixing topics, just wanted to point it out to developers).

Many thanks again and congratulation for your great work!!

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