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How to change SublimeLinter mouse-hover box size?


Hi there!

I’m using SublimeLinter/SublimeLinter-rubocop.

Does anyone know how to increase the height of the hover-box (screenshot [1])? Currently the text is always cut.
The sidebar box size would be much better for me (screenshot [2]).

Is this configurable in ST/SL? I don’t think it is theme dependent, right?

I didn’t find anything in the settings/forum, hopefully I didn’t miss sth.

Thanks in advance!





I think there was a regression introduce by ST in the version 3.2 where the height does not take into account the line wrapping. So either SublimeLinter devs need to do the wrapping manually, or ST devs need to fix this issue.
I do not think you can do anything on your side.

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Thank you very much for your response!

Well, then I’ll have to see where to create an issue.



You were absolutely right, I even found exactly that issue now:

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