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How to change completion query default behavior


I have two questions:

Question #1

how to control the behavior of sublime auto-completion on non-word characters so that It would not go away while typing for example these characters “.” “/” “\” … to be more precise let me give you my scenario:

  1. I parse a lisp source file and I find these 3 symbols in it: string , string? and string/format
  2. then I feed the completion list the above symbols on on_query_completions event
  3. the I start typing word string character by character however my target symbol is string/format
  4. after typing character “s” the completion fires up with the suggestion list I have already provided
  5. I continue typing up until character “g
  6. as I type character “/” all of a sudden the completion list goes away


the above situation goes against my will, I want to be able to type some non-word characters as well while the completion list is still active and showing

Question #2

How can I trigger completion list directly for example after type some special characters I would like to show the completion list with only some specific items