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How to always show the current screen selected in the right navigation bar?


The current portion of the visible screen is shown as selected on the right navigation bar ONLY when hovering the mouse over this bar:


When I move the mouse out of the navigation bar, the portion is unselected:


I think it would be much more practical to have this selection shown there all the time.

How can I make the selection show up in the right navigation bar even without hovering over it?



The following settings control the minimap, shown here with their default values. It sounds like the one you want to turn on is the second one at least:

	// Set to true to draw a border around the visible rectangle on the minimap.
	// The color of the border will be determined by the "minimap_border" key
	// in the color scheme
	"draw_minimap_border": false,

	// Always visualise the viewport on the minimap, as opposed to only
	// showing it on mouse over
	"always_show_minimap_viewport": false,
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Minimap, that’s the name… :smile:
Perfect, thank you!

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