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How to adjust the height and the width of the show_overlay command


hello there.

i really love sublime text. honestly. im coming from neovim ecosystem.

i just want to make the show_overlay bigger. to be more specific, i want to make it almost fullscreen.

with the show_overlay fullscreen it will be very useful and beautiful to search for files in cwd using find_files.

and not just for files, also for

  • content in all files at cwd
  • folders only
  • content in current file
  • lsp document or workspace symbols
  • and many more ideas, there are lots

what i want to achieve is something similar to the plugin telescope.nvim, if someone knows about it, very cool.

i’ve read some posts that is impossible to resize the show_overlay or command palette, but they were from sublime 3, now im using sublime 4 and maybe there is a little hope or just a hidden customization that is very hard to find, we’ll see.

or if i can create a fullscreen or a bigger popup/floating window where i can print results based on search, that would be very helpful too.

thanks in advance.