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How To Add Multiple Repositories In Folder Structure


Visual Studio adding repositories is as simple as adding the root folder containing multiple sub-folders with hundreds of repositories. How is something like this done with Sublime Merge?



Sublime Merge is designed to handle one repository per window at the moment.



Understood, but thats not really the issue. Visual Studio also does not open multiple repositories, but this is how one gets them enrolled with the tool.

My goal would be to have the repositories available with the “Switch Repository” command, but to do so at the moment requires tedious single repo rinse lather repeat approach.



The easiest way I can think of is to use the command line & the smerge command (docs):

cd /path/to/repositories
for x in */; do
    smerge "$x"

You can then close each window by typing & holding Cmd+W or Ctrl+W. Be sure to quit the application as well to make sure the new repositories get successfully saved to your session.

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