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How to access sublime data from python?



I’d like to create a plugin in blender, an operator that run the active script from sublime.

All I need is having access to the text/string data of the active sublime.exe script in python. How can I access this data ?

I already did a plugin that detect any change on the script (when saving), but I’d like to make a sublime-blender workflow even stronger. I really like sublime. I think that with a (free) plugin like that I can convince a lot of blender dev to start using sublime.

Cheers, Dorian.



Depending on whether you want ST to provide the data always or have the blender plugin request current data, I would suggest using either a temporary file, a named pipe or a local tcp server.

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possible to access the data through a winOS cmd ?

blender plugin request current data

Yes indeed, that’s the goal



No, you’ll need to write a plugin that provides the data in the way you want it.



Yes indeed that’s the question. :slightly_smiling_face: Any examples/docs out there?
Thanks a lot.