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How i can run my pyhton


Hello, im new in python and im not english, so sorry if you dont understand me very well.

I download sublime text 3 to start programming a program in windows. Im using windows 10. I have some code, but i dont now how to run my code and see how it look. And how i save the file? I tried to save it but when i oppened it, it appears in the notepad as code, but not as a program.

Thanks, Daniel




It is possible that the default configuration of Windows makes it harder. I suggest turning off the option to “hide extensions for known file types” in Windows Explorer.

Doing this, you should ensure your file ends in .py and not .txt. Then, if you have Python 3 installed, you should be able to run your code from Sublime Text using the build system functionality. See the Tools/Build menu or press ctrl+b



When i press ctrl+b the cmd start and put “Failed execution. Press Enter to exit…”
I tried to save the file with the extensioin .py but the pc asks me with wich app i whant to open the file and the only application that can open it is the notepad



In order to execute a Python program, you need to install Python on your computer. Sublime doesn’t come with a version of Python you can use to run arbitrary programs.



I have Python in my PC, the version 3.8.1