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How do I turn off Code Intel in the console?


Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question.

Discovered the console and SublimeText is way more appetizing to me now, but I can’t get rid of stuff like this:

INFO:codeintel:eval 'di' at <Unsaved>#1  <Trigger 'python-complete-local-symbols' at 0>
INFO:codeintel:start scope is (<Element 'scope' at 0x7fafd82f1320>, [])
INFO:codeintel:    cplns: []
INFO:codeintel:done eval: success
current triggername: 'python-complete-local-symbols'

I understand this is probably because I installed the SublimeCodeIntel package, but is there a way to selectively disable this within the console?

Much thanks,



Plugins are free to display whatever they like into the console; there’s not a way to stop them explicitly.

So, you’re stuck with the output in the console unless the package has a setting of some sort to turn logging to the console off (or the package is modified to include the ability to do so).



I thought that might be the case.

Thanks for replying!

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