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How do I retroactively tell SM to download GitLFS files?


I cloned a repo where I couldn’t open any image files:

I was informed that this was because I didn’t have Git-LFS installed. So I went to their site and installed it. However, now SublimeMerge is saying I’m already up-to-date, there’s nothing to pull, and my images are still not showing? How can I tell Sublime to re-download these files now that I have LFS installed? Is my only option to re-clone the repo?



Are you using the system git or the bundled git? If you wish to use git LFS you’ll need to use the system git.



I use the system git. I ended up having to re-clone the repo from scratch because I couldn’t find a way to get Merge to pull just the missing LFS files.



In that case you could run git lfs pull from the terminal.