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How do I fix rendering of special characters in git output?


It looks like special ANSI characters aren’t properly rendered in the git output like it would be rendered from a shell app (i.e. Terminal):

The color code characters are not being rendered properly.

How do I fix this issue?



Looks like terminal color codes. As SM doesn’t support fully fledged terminal emulation, best chance was to disable colored output of git and any running background script/process - if even possible.



What would it take for SM to support these special characters?



I think it would be really useful if Sublime Merge supported color codes. All of the projects I work on have git commit hooks that run all sorts of linters and checks, and they all output in color, which makes the checks easier to scan read to find failures. Without the colors it actually makes an important part of the development process harder for me.

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I’m surprised Sublime Text and Merge are not open source so community can make these sorts of contributions.



I am not sure where the surprise comes from. Both are commercial products (just like any other commercial closed source products out there) and the devs make a living out of it. Their entire livelihoods would be affected i assume if both were made open source.