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How do I download Sublime text onto a chromebook?


Hello! I saw something on web developing that recommended using google chrome as a web browser (thus i bought a chromebook) and it suggested using sublime text. I have activated linus on my chromebook, but i’m having problems with the actual installation of codes into linus. can someone help me, please? I admit this is a bit beyond my basic knowledge of computers.



Hi, I’ve used Sublime Text on a Chromebook. When you install Linux it should be debian Linux (at least if you’re using a amd / intel processor). The way I install Sublime Text is to go to downloads, then find direct downloads for Linux repos. After that download the .deb file. Once downloaded you can right click and “Install with Linux”. I don’t know that this would work on an ARM chromebook but it works great on the ones I use (which are ~$200 cheapy Walmart ones). Sublime Text is light and really runs well in my experience.