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How do I change the color of autocomplete labels?


Ok, so I have been trying to figure out how to change the color of autocomplete labels since I am customizing a syntax highlighting/color theme. In the package there is a .tmTheme file. I know that you can open up the Default.sublime-theme from the Theme - Default package and change the parts where it says like auto_complete_label, change the colors and then save it and then you’d have to change the theme to Default.sublime-theme from Theme - Default folder and color scheme to Monokai from Color Scheme - Default.

My question is how do I apply the same thing to the package that has syntax highlighting/color theme and it has a .tmTheme file? The .tmTheme file is the only thing I can work with to change aspects of not just the syntax highlighting and color theme, but also other kinds of scopes such as the autocomplete labels. As far as I know, I don’t know what are the scopes for the autocomplete labels would be in an equivalent .tmTheme file. I am kinda confused here.

Edit: I also want to find out how to change the colors of the scope view when you initialize the scope hunter.



It is not possible for a tmTheme file to specify the color of the auto complete popup (neither text, label, nor background), because a tmTheme file represents a “color scheme” in ST terminology. You must be editing a .sublime-theme file for this, unless the theme is adaptive (like the default adaptive theme) and honors the color scheme’s accent color.



Ok, I have edited the Default.sublime-theme file in Theme - Default. The problem is I can only see the changes when I switch to the Monokai color scheme in Color Scheme - Default. How do I get this to work while using a different color scheme? Because it seems like the Monokai color scheme and Default.sublime-theme are connected to each other somehow.

Edit: I fixed my problem. I found the auto_complete_label entry that I needed to edit and now it works.