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How Can I use the New support touch bar on macOS?



I was very happy when I read “Sublime Text 3.0 is out! … … … Touch Bar support on macOS”

Only one question,… Yesterday when I disabled the Key functions to see the new support of touch bar in Sublime Text, only I can see the TABS of the files (good) and two arrows on the left, but I don’t know how I can use it!..

Could you tell us the use of this arrows do and the other options or how we can setup the Touch Bar?


PD: GREAT Logo, interface,… GREAT JOB, confratulations!



We’ve seen that the arrow use is when you search something and you can move into the results.



But seriously, though. Is it the only functionality that is available at the moment - just to switch between open tabs?

arrow use is when you search something and you can move into the results

For me it doesn’t work. I start a new search, I can see that there are several results, but pressing arrows doesn’t “move into results”. Basically, I couldn’t find any use for those arrows - they simply don’t do anything.



Current TouchBar support in Sublime Text 3 is unusable. Everyone use mouse for tabs.
I used well known the best app to create TB buttons for SublimeText.
I wish one day Sublime Text will allow to configure TB like this without third party apps:

It should be possible to add buttons for plugins or at least for hotkeys.
Look how great iTerm2 implemented support of TB, they just allow to place button of any existing menu items and hotkeys.

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I realize that users may not want to use a third party tool, but I can’t beat having BetterTouchBar … it’s a cheap application ($5) and it has SO MUCH functionality to augment and configure your BetterTouchBar … and it has per-application support, etc, etc.
I set up a button that runs a sublime command by using passing it to the subl CLI command built into Sublime Text.

Read more about how to run commands in Sublime Text with subl here:

The sky is the limit!