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How can I try out Sublime Text 4?


Hello! A long-time user and fan of ST here. I found out today there is ST4 alpha version, and I would really love to try it out. How can I opt-in to the alpha trials?



The beta is being run on the discord server. You will need a license to be a part of the beta.



I actually have a version of Sublime text 4 installed and have played with it some.

But last time I looked I did not find, if there was any easy way to migrate many/most of your Sublime text 3 settings and extensions to the 4…

I know I should probably go back and see if more stuff is up on the discord. But for example one of the main things I use in 3 is a way we have built up extensions to the build menu, so that we can use the Arduino build system to work with the Teensy (PJRC) boards. Wondering how compatible things like that would be…

i.e. can one simply copy of settings or has everything under the hood changed.

Again sorry I know I should probably do my homework before asking.



Sublime Text 4 will automatically reuse the configuration from your existing Sublime Text 3 installation, so the migration effort is pretty much nonexistant. :smiley:

If you use a portable version on Windows, then you can copy the Data folder inside of the portable install to the ST4 portable install.

ST4 aims to be compatible with existing packages, so anything that doesn’t work is generally a regression that should be reported.



Thanks, so far it appears to work :smiley: