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How can I toggle ST4's light/dark mode switch on Linux?


I am using the i3 window manager on top of Ubuntu (although considering migrating to Manjaro at some point) with a highly customized theming system I made that uses Pywal. I wrote a script which does its best to change themes within apps that support theming, and tries to switch light/dark mode in the apps as well. My current solution for Sublime Text is to modify my preferences file with a light or dark theme and color scheme depending on what I want. I could continue doing that, but given Sublime Text 4 has the automatic theme I think it would be better to toggle that instead. The problem is that my desktop environment is home grown and doesn’t have a standard way to toggle that.

Please let me know if this is possible or if anyone has suggestions, thanks!



To check for dark mode we query the active gtk theme’s background color. So if the currently set gtk theme has a dark background we switch to dark mode.

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Ah, that checks out! I’ll have to tackle that part of my setup then. Thank you!