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How can I make multiple connections on Sublime SFTP?


My server allows for 10 simultaneous FTP connections, but when I do Sync Remote -> Local, it only downloads one file at a time.

I have set extra_list_connections to 8, but it only seems to make a difference when Sublime SFTP is listing the changes that need to be synced, and not for the sync process itself.

Is there any way I can make Sublime SFTP download multiple files simultaneously?

(Multiple Workers, FTP connections, etc…)



Not currently, no. It may be part of the next major version though.



Hey buddy, any news about this? ^^



No, I the majority of work related to SFTP that is happening is the new Python TLS backend, and that is a fairly major and long-running piece of work. The soonest I could imagine a new major version of SFTP would probably be in the fall.



Two years later…
Any news?



The next major version of SFTP should hopefully be around the corner in the next few months. The past couple of years have been busy for me personally, and also working for Sublime HQ getting the 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 releases out the door. Because of this, some of the necessary behind the scenes work on SFTP has taken longer than I would have liked.



I figured out that it is possible to setup multiple connections if you right click to to folder you want to map and select… SFTP/FTP > Add Alternate Remote Mapping.

This duplicates your sftp-config file with -alt added to the end of it. Then you can right click the folder again and choose “Switch Remote Mapping…” and select the connection you want to make active.

But in my case, I would really like to me able to have it upload to both connections simultaneously so I could push changes to different 2 servers at once.

Any chance that the new version will allow me to upload to multiple connections simultaneously?



This is definitely a possibility for making it into v2. Head over to and submit a Request if you don’t mind so that it gets into the list of suggestions.



Cool, I submitted the request!

Thanks a bunch!



Any updates on this? It has been another 7 months.

I am simply trying to define more than one connection, exactly like SublimeText2-FTPSync has done for years.

In their settings file, you can define as many servers as you want, which is PERFECT for setting your Staging upload_on_save to true, but your Production upload_on_save to false. Right now I have to constantly update my settings file and reboot Sublime to do the same thing with Sublime SFTP. :tired_face: