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How can I create syntax highlighting packages in ST3?


AFAICS AAAPackageDev does not work on ST3 yet. Any ports available?


SublimeTodoTxt: Todo.txt Syntax Highlighting
Creating new syntax not working STE 3

You can just take the snippet they use for syntax definitions.

{ "name": "Syntax Name", "scopeName": "source.syntax_name", "fileTypes": ""], "patterns": ], "uuid": "f42f37ee-69d8-4b5b-9778-7c4b14c2f638" }

The only part that I believe is programmatically generated is the uuid. You can generate that yourself (uuid.uuid4() in the console). I use PlistJsonConverter to convert between JSON and Plist. I don’t know what else the AAAPackageDev plugin gives you, but this should at least get you started.



Well; how can I make a package out of it then?

I’m not sure what else is needed, I never tried it. Actually I wanted to learn writing syntax files “by doing” without having to fiddle too much around Sublime Text itself, sigh…



A “Package” is basically a directory in the Packages folder with “stuff” in it. What “stuff” is depends on the package. It can contain snippets, key bindings, python files, syntax definitions, etc. For a syntax file, you would save the plist version of the file as <name>.tmLanguage. As a simple example, toke a look at the “Text” package. It contains two files, a syntax file and a snippet. From what you are saying, it seems like the syntax file is all you really care about right now. To view files, you can use so you don’t have to manually extract everything yourself.



Ah, I see. Thank you pretty much, I’ll see if I can do something with this. :smile:




I have tried to change existing *.tmLanguage files in ST3.
Documentation says that files from packages folder will override ones in default package, though it is not true for build 3033. Is there a workaround or am I just doing something wrong? (I create C++.tmLanguage file in Packages/C++/).



Create a bug report about that. I would copy the contents of the C++ package to say… “My C++” or something. Then add “C++” to the ignored packages list. You can then modify the contents of “My C++” package as you would like. Not the best workaround, but you will get the behavior you want.