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How can I change the color white of text



I’m using Monokai theme default. Now I just want to change the ‘white’ text to ‘light gray’ on above image?
Can I do it? and how to do it?




The easiest way to do that would be to create a file named Monokai.sublime-color-scheme in your User package with the following content; you can find the User package by using Preferences > Browse Packages from the menu (but see below before you do it).

        "foreground": "color(var(white3) alpha(0.5))",

Changing the value of the alpha up or down will lighten or darken the color, with 1.0 being full white and 0.0 being black.

Here the name of the file comes from the fact that you’re using the Monokai color scheme, and the name of the variable white3 comes from that color scheme.

To have a better idea of what this is doing and open/create the required file easier, I would recommend the PackageDev package. With that installed you can use PackageDev: Edit Current Color Scheme from the command palette to open a window that has the content of the color scheme you’re using on the left and the stub for a new file on the right.

In that window you can make the modification that you like and then save the file to make it active, which is an easier way to do it than having to manually create the file. It also ensures that the file is named correctly depending on the color scheme that you’re using, and you can look at the existing color scheme for reference.

The color scheme works like the user preferences do; the color scheme on the left applies first, and any modifications that you add on the right are applied on top of it, so that you only need to specify the changes you’d like to make.



Thank you very much. I got it now.