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Hot Exit not working, and open tabs are not remembered


So both the default settings and my user settings specify that Hot Exit should be enabled. I even added “remember_open_files” to my user settings as it seems that was a setting in previous versions of Sublime even though it isn’t in the current defaults.

I’m using the Sublime 3 beta, on OS X 10.10.3.

My user settings are:

{ "color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/iPlastic.tmTheme", "copy_with_empty_selection": false, "create_window_at_startup": false, "open_files_in_new_window": false, "remember_open_files": true, "save_on_focus_lost": true, "hot_exit": true, "use_simple_full_screen": true }

EDIT: So, I played around a bit. If I quit the application by right-clicking the icon in the dock, then the windows are there when I next start it, as they’re supposed to be. However, if I quit by clicking the red “X” button on the window, then my files are not remembered when next I start it. Anyone know how I can force the proper quit behavior in a more user-friendly way?



Clicking the red x does not quit a program in OS X. It only closes a window. Then if you quit, you’ll be quitting with no open windows and that will be your last state. Cmd+q or Sublime Text > Quit are both pretty user-friendly.

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I don’t think so. I tend to close it by pushing the red button and the I “lost” all my work?
I think it shouldn’t be that way as GrinningPariah thinks.




is this issue resolved? I am experiencing this!
I’ve enjoyed hot exit for a long time, never had any problem.

My machine Mac.



Create a project.
When you open Sublime and it’s blank, open project and all your open windows and unsaved files are “restored”.



Opening of Projects using Sublime Project menu can get hairy. Much better with package Project Manager.

To streamline Project Manager, add shortcut. Mac Keyboard prefs shortcut Command-M. Shortcut, scroll to Project. Easy.

Unknown reason, Sublime Project menu seems to erratically erase Projects from memory. Apple respects the randy3k intervention for Sublime, but reminds us that now we cannot minimize Sublime app with system cmd-m minimize. Regardless, our post vote is randy3k, all the way! Sublime-ly, Apple agrees!

randy3k package makes Sublime Projects behave!

Re: this thread’s “HOT” exit thing… there are three equally hot and sexy exit tools built into Sublime.

1.) Command-Q remembers your projects, windows and files, and quits Sublime, shut down!

2.) Command-W, same as your hot little ‘x’ toy for type-mouse-type-mouse-type addicts (like you) wipes projects, windows and files from memory permanently on a very ‘hot’ tab-by-tab/window-by-window basis!

3.) File > Open Recent is for fumble-bums. Yours truly, again, everyone!

Remember, Open Recent will not remember projects windows and files you intentionally erase with (‘x’) Command-W. Naturally… But Project Manager will.

Btw File > Open Recent cannot shortcut, even though Command-R is ‘ready’
because there is also a Project > Open Recent [nudder-nudder-nudder…



Has there been any progress on this, such that one can close a window on a Mac and have it hot exit? I know @mark.stewart above makes it sound like erasing the contents of the tabs on closing (‘x’) is a feature, but it is not really… It is exactly the kind of problem that hot_exit is supposed to address.



On macOS Applications are not supposed to exit when a window is closed. If you want the contents of a window to be retained when closing it you can use a project.



Projects are a heavy and unnecessary solution. I enjoy Sublime Text, paid for a license. But Onenote is a better solution for quick notes on a Mac in that case, unfortunately. I’ll still use it as an IDE sometimes, but on Linux it used to be a really convenient text editor, and it isn’t quite the same on Mac.



In terms of exiting and remembering session info Sublime Text behaves the same on macOS as it does on Linux, except that the application exits on Linux when the last window is closed. This is not how applications function on macOS. If you want to exit Sublime Text with a hot exit you should quit the application from the menu or use cmd+q.