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History pane appearance


Is it possible to make the history pane more space efficient, or configurable? I’d love to have one item per line, like gitx:

Congratulations anyway! Sublime Merge is pretty nice and I’m going to buy a license.



No, it isn’t configurable. We played around with a number of options during development and came up with the current version. It will condense various elements as the commit list gets narrower, but there isn’t a way to get the graph, author, annotations, commit message and time all on one line.



I appreciate that you have tried various things and come up with what works best, but I hope you will consider this.

For some repos, I am the only developer.
In this case, I don’t need to see the author, and I don’t really care about the time.
Just the commit message left and branch names right would be great.



I agree with Adamarla, it would be nice if one could toggle the author name, commit date and file count badge, too.
Sometimes it is useful to have a bird’s-eye view of the commit history.



I agree, it would be helpful to configure the pane so that the history occupies less vertical space. I find myself switching to another tool when I want to see more than a dozen commits.