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Hint proposition order

  • problem solved before posting, but I’ll publicate it anyway, for somebody that will search for it in the Internet.

I believe hint during writing word should show most similar word to letters that I already wrote, however - when I write in css file it drives me nuts when I want to auto-complete “flex” word.

I’m very strongly used to typing 3 letters before pressing enter. It works great and if some word needs for me to write more than 3 letters I quickly realize that and continue typing.
However with css “flex” - when I’m typing ‘f’ - it proposes “flex;”, when I type ‘l’ it proposes “flex;”, keep typing ‘e’ aand now - totally out of sudden - it is proposing me “inline-flex;”, but when I press ‘x’ it again proposes me “flex;”.

after some testing - inline works normally (in->“inline;”, inl->“inline;”, not “inline-block;”), height is working “normally” too (he->"height: ", hei->"height: ", not "min-height: ").

after even more testing - I finally got it. If you once write “fle” and change from flex to inline-flex it keeps using inline-flex as long, as you write precisely “fle” again and switch to “flex” again… So general rule is if you write letters, switch auto-fill suggestion - it stays this way, through all the time, until you “switch” it back.

It’s… Kind of interesting, but I’m not sure if I like it.