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Hidden commits and branches


Is there a reason why non-checked out remote branches are hidden even though they are configured to be shown (as is indicated by the icon)?
I’m talking about the only feature branch; I see the merge commits but not one of the two parent branches (and the equivalent commits).
Toggling the view icon on the branch doesn’t change anything.

I need to click on the remote branch for it to be “shown” but still not showing the way I believe it should:

For comparison, this is the graph shown by Sourcetree on the same repo:



Preference -> general : Merge commit Display = Expand by default

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Awesome! That worked! Didn’t even know that that was a feature :grinning:



Is there a way to add to the command palette the expand/collapse all command so that I don’t have to click around on the UI to toggle the option depending on what I’m trying to do? If yes, could you please provide me with the text that needs to be added to the Default.sublime-commands file?



It doesn’t appear as though the toggle_setting command exists in Sublime Merge as it does in ST, therefore this isn’t supported.