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Help with Python Pip


Hi, I’m relatively new to Python programming (at least programming that isn’t in the Python IDLE) and want to move to Sublime Text 3 to write my code.

I want to use Tkinter to practice building GUI applications but don’t understand where I go to enter the pip install 'XYZ'

If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be great
(sorry for being a noob)



To execute a command like that, you need to use a Terminal; how you do that depends on what OS you’re using. If you’re on Windows, you want the Command Prompt or PowerShell, on Linux you want something like a Terminal/XTerm, and on MacOS you want the Terminal app.

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Tkinter comes with the standard python installation so you don’t need to install anything more. If you are working with 3 rd party packages which are different for different project of yours, then it’s generally recommended to create a virtual environment.