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[Help] Some condition/regex in python code, CSS Format plugin


Hi, I am using CSS Format

I’m using the plugin’s expand-bs format.
This format will drop the line for each block, you can see the image to make it easier to visualize.
I want to remove each last block’s last line ( line empty ).

Unfortunately, the author has stopped maintaining this project.
I’m not a python developer, I need your help.
If you understand what I mean, please help me. If not, please leave a comment.

Plugin CSS Format:`

I found something here, but nothing more can be done:

My plugin settings:

	// Code Indentation
	//   "\t"   : 1 tab
	"indentation": "\t",

	// Block Break (Expand Mode Only)
	"expand_block_break": "\n",

	// Format on Save
	"format_on_save": true,

	// On Save Action
	//   "compact-bs-ns" : Compact (Break Selectors, No Spaces)
	"format_on_save_action": "expand-bs",

	// On Save File Filter
	"format_on_save_filter": "\\.(css|sass|scss|less)$"

My scss file:

// Test comment
.class {
	.selector-1 {
		color: blueviolet;

		.sub-1 {
			font-size: 1rem;

		.sub-2 {
			font-size: 2rem;

		.sub-3 {
			font-size: 3rem;
# Remove this line ( Last block in .selector-1 )

	.selector-2 {
		color: greenyellow;

	.selector-3 {
		color: pink;
# Remove this line ( Last block in .class )



Can someone help me with this problem?