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Grid layout - open new files always in first editor


I use a grid layout (4 editors). When I open a new file from the file manager (Ubuntu 18.04 - nemo), then it opens in the editor where the focus was last set. I don’t like this behavior. Is there an option to open new files in the selected editor (e.g. the first in the grid)?



If you have the Chain of Command plugin installed from Package Control, you can write a simple key binding to do your task :-

		"keys": ["ctrl+shift+6"],
		"command": "chain",
		"args": {
			"commands": [
				["focus_group", { "group": 0 }],

The key binding can be anything of your choice. This will give the focus to the first editor in the layout & then open the native file manager for you to choose the file you want to open.