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GPG causing sublime merge to hang



I am using build 2049 of sublime merge and git for windows 2.31.0. I have gpg setup (using gpg from the git installation) and a repo with signed commits. Whenever I select a signed commit, the ‘Signature’ field displays 'Loading…" and then I am unable to do anything in sublime merge. I can click around but cannot perform any command like checkout another branch, commit something etc.

If I then try and shutdown sublime merge then the task never ends and I need to kill both the sublime merge task and the gpg task. Switching off gpg in my git config solves the problem, so it appears it is a problem with trying to verify the signature in sublime merge.



Hi @danspam,

Thanks for reporting this issue - I’ll be investigating this further.

When you have a moment, would you mind submitting an issue report at:

If you could include the following information, that would be greatly appreciated:

  1. Platform + Version (e.g. Windows 10 Build 19041)
  2. Roughly how many files are in the commit, and the size of the files (a few lines, a thousand etc)
  3. The Sublime Merge debug information (Accessible via Help > Debug Information)
    • Note that before you share this, take a moment to redact any information you feel is sensitive (e.g. email addresses, file paths, names etc)
  4. If you are working on a public repository, a link to the repository in question

Many thanks,
- Dylan



Thanks Dylan, I have submitted a bug report.