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Goups layout >> remane (from RCL menu and from code command)


I have searched for this qustion a while and not found any answer. And I decided tha probably it’s not exist currently.And request is next:

will be cool to get easy way to renaming groups(from layouts) by rightclick menu. And at same time have operators to call it from hotkeys and created remaned by default layouts. Here is examples of what I mean

It will gives more order without no need to put it to different folders or so on. And at same time you can do some hotkeys that will by default create all this layout that till include preserved names. Should be useful. If might happence that I don’t know too deep, and this is exist? If so, would be glad to know how to achieave it. Because currently I not found any posibilities to rename goups at all.

  • more advanced request is to additional even be able even move on new place this layout goups without no need to shuffle all tabs one by one manually