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GoTo Anything - Disable file display/preview unless enter is pressed


Hi there!

Would it be possible to give an opportunity disable this feature that’s previewing highlighted file when using to GoTo and keyboard arrows?
On some particularly bigger files it causes sublime to be dead for 5-15 seconds which is really bad considering that I know full filename and if it won’t do the preview I’d already have it opened.
Maybe some plugin already do the job?

Forward thanks.



Looking for the same feature.



I have the same problem here.

Furthermore, the preview function is not universally helpful. If I am using my 13" Macbook Pro without a large external display, the drop down list from GoTo Anything is already blocking over 60% of the preview displaying behind.

It would be nice to have an option to disable GoTo Anything preview, just like the one that is current available for the sidebar preview (i.e. “preview_on_click”)




I seriously like text editors, and sometimes I do some development for open-source ones.
When I’m under Windows, I frequently use a light-weight text editor AkelPad that looks similar to the standard Notepad in its basic and non-configured form, while it becomes pretty much like Notepad++ when configured and enhanced with plugins.
Some time ago I created a script for AkelPad, named “GoToAnything” and inspired by Sublime Text actually. In this February, I was able to update that script with the following new features:

  • while filtering, the matching parts of file names are highlighted
  • Shift+F4 and Ctrl+Shift+Q toggle the auto-preview (on/off)
  • F4 and Ctrl+Q preview the selected file (when the auto-preview is off)
  • the file list includes [D] items which are read from a given directory
  • Alt+D allows to specify a directory for the [D] items

All of that took me two weeks. And please consider the fact that I was doing it in JavaScript which is not so well-known to me as C++. Here is the proof of the development process:

Now, returning back to Sublime Text.
I realize that it’s not easy to find time to implement such a complicated feature as toggling the file preview in GoTo Anything in Sublime Text.
I hope that my example of doing the similar thing during two weeks will inspire you to not put it aside for another 7 years…