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Golang/ Google Go language support


Has anyone looked into Golang syntax support?

If not, does anyone have some pointers as to how I should go about doing it myself?

Rasmus Andersson created a TextMate bundle for Go but I couldn’t get it to work. Should I have been able to?

Any advice and pointers would be very welcome. Thanks.

Oh, and sorry, if this is already a topic of discussion (“Go” is too common a word to search for).



For syntax only just copy the Go.tmLanguage and put it into a new folder I guess called “Golang”
Then is most likely possible that you need to edit your theme to highlight keywords,functions and all that from Golang

EDIT: nvm you don’t need to edit your theme, it just works cuz is a well made syntax :smiley:



Hello Sambeau,

This is Lianamelissa trained on golang programming, just know i came across from your post regarding golang syntax support refer the below link it will helpful for you.