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Go To Merge Command?


I use the “go to parent” and “go to child” commands all the time to navigate the Sublime Merge commits view, but I work in a large repository with frequent merges, and often when I find the merge I’m intrested in I want to stop following the main branch and find the commits that were merged in. Currently the only way I can find the merge commits is by visually following the merge line and scrolling down past hundreds of commits until I find them. Is there a built-in command I can use to go straight from a merge to it’s commits?




Hi @Cyreb,

Thanks for reaching out! I’ve just implemented this, and it will be available in the next build of Sublime Merge.

I’ll reach out again when the next build has been released.

Kind regards,
- Dylan from Sublime HQ



Oh fantastic! Thanks for implementing it :heart: