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Go to definition no longer knows about other panes


Before today when I used the hotkey for “go to definition” ST would know if a file containing the definition is open in another pane or not.

As of now ST will always open a new file tab in the same window pane. How can I get ST to use existing open tabs in other panes?

Sublime Text Build 3207, Ubuntu 19.04



I don’t how I can pay for a product, have features broken and not get any kind of support.



it seems odd that the behavior would suddenly change. Maybe a third party package you are using has been recently updated and modified this behavior?
something similar has also been discussed at



Many thanks!

Not sure why it changed mid release. Maybe I just hadn’t noticed or ignored it before. I did upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04 not too long ago.

Anyway, this solved it for me: