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Global setting for indenting soft wrapping of text


When sublime soft word wraps code it will indent the next line by the length of the tab. This is great for code but it seems to be turned off for anything Sublime considers text such as LaTeX.

Is there a way to turn the visual indent on globally? I was sort of able to achieve the indented wrapping with LaTeX by editing the Latex package and changing the scope to be source.tex.latex, but then that broke other latex packages that rely on knowing the scope to be text.tex.latex. Plus there are other scopes such as markdown that I would like this as well.

In bbedit this is called 'reverse" for the soft wrapped indentation.

I can see why someone would want the existing behavior for plain text lines that need to wrap, but in files like markdown and LaTeX the text on the line could be preceded by a dash or an \index or something else. Visually it doesn’t look all that appealing and makes the text difficult to follow when the line wraps under the \index for example. Then you can have this nested and it makes it even harder to read. Having the hanging indent really helps.

I see this has been questioned before but there was never a response on the forum. If this isn’t possible now, please consider adding this feature globally




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no, there is currently no setting for this

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Easy :slight_smile:

In your sublime-syntax file hash your global (first) scope and use this one:

scope: markup.heading # source.example-c

Now ST thinks that all your text should use heading style. All you have to do now is to change font style of heading. In your sublime-color-scheme you have to find:

        "name": "markup headings",
        "scope": "markup.heading",
        "font_style": "bold"

and change bold -> normal.



Click on “Preferences > Settings - Syntax Specific” and add this to your user settings file LaTeX.sublime-settings:

	"indent_subsequent_lines": true,

This does what you want! :smiley:

(I saw this thread last week and was having the same problem. I saw other responses and GAVE UP! There IS a correct solution, though, and I’m disappointed that these incorrect answers steered me wrong.)



No, unfortunately that doesn’t meet the ask. The request was for wrapped lines to be indented one tab stop more, to make it plainly visible that they were wrapped. The parameter you provided merely indents the wrapped portion of lines to the same tab stop as the start of the line.



Can I take it from the lack of traffic here that nothing has changed? I was also hoping for similar functionality.



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