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Giving More Money


Is there a way to give more money for Sublime than the $70 license?

I’m not trying to be worshippy, but I get so ungodly much accomplished in this thing, that I feel compelled to reward the development somehow.
So far my only idea is to buy another license or two and not use them, or give them to people. (No not to you, dear reader)

Any other ideas?



What makes Sublime even more awesome is the community effort in writing plugins and documentation, so my suggestion would be donating to the guy behind the Package Control plugin or/and the unofficial documentation project.

I can’t imagine myself using Sublime without package control and the unofficial docs are really helpful for new users (even Sublime HQ made a donation already), so those are my suggestions.



I suggest to buy another license, I have done that twice, and I’m gonna do it again soon =)
Note that I’m not rich(in money values speaking =) ), I deeply understand that under some life circumstances even a few dollars could be considered as very expensive, but if you have the opportunity, just do it as many times as you consider! Giving money to side related project is also nice, I’ve done that also, but is not the same



I imagine jps is living quite comfortably these days- might I suggest making a donation to some cause in his name?



I’d suggest buying somehting from one of the people who work hard on the community - as noted Will Bond is a huge reason why Sublime Text has taken off - the community of packages is unreal and he has helped foster that.



I suggest funding a plugin or a feature that you think ST3 needs. That is what will motivate more development. Live preview for example (remote debug sessions ~ web socket connections to the browser) are a killer new concept that are going to take some time to implement properly. You’ve already rewarded the Sublime team, now encourage them in the endless journey that is software.



Great idea. Donated a good sum today!



Cool, keep it up :slight_smile:



Are you sure that it is a small amount for the license?