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Github copilot


right now i think github copilot is only compatible with visual studio code, but is there a chance of it coming to sublime text?

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Not anytime soon since this is a technical preview and the source is not available yet to the public. If you want something similar in Sublime Text, use Tabnine or Kite.



Considering Microsoft is a competitor and they own github I doubt there will be an official plugin from them.

I am wondering how often people have to check those codes completed by AI behaves in the way they want.



This is true. Just saw this video. They won’t even have all the functionality of the AI available for everyone.



Seems that GitHub have released their own vim plugin and JetBrains plugin. Adapting the vim plugin (unofficially) I also found an emacs plugin.

I have mixed feelings about copilot. Nonetheless, more and more people are using it and it definitely seems useful. A paid subscription service in the future seems likely enough.

Personally, in my experience, this is the first time I’ve felt “behind” as a Sublime user unable to install a copilot plugin. I’m not willing to switch to VSCode for it, and would be uncomfortable with the vertical monopoly Microsoft would have over me as a VSCode+copilot user.

But, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what eventually takes me off of Sublime in the future. Not Sublime’s fault, of course! But sad. I hope it becomes, somewhat like the LSPs, a multi-editor tool.



There is a similar plugin only available for Sublime Text on linux.