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Git pull upstream


How do I do “git pull upstream master” in Sublime Merge? I’m still not great with git but I have a remote branch called “upstream” which is set to the local branch “master” (I even used the “set upstream…” command in SM). I can pull changes from the remote branch using “git pull upstream master” in the terminal but I don’t see this command in SM.

Is this the correct way to pull changes from the server and if so, why doesn’t SM have a command for this? Seems like this is pretty common workflow so I feel like I’m missing something.



Once your local branch is tracking a remote branch (with the set upstream command) the pull command will pull from this branch.



The pull command (e.g. the down arrow button) is “git pull --ff-only” which doesn’t actually get changes from the server. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?



If you did the set upstream it should work.
If you do a fetch on the remote do you see your changes ?



That doesn’t do anything either. Does that picture help? You can see the 2089 next to master which I set the upstream to (I believe that icon appeared after I set the upstream). Only “git pull upstream master” actually downloads new commits from the remote branch and the status badge changes.




@genericptr, that looks like you have 2089 commits to push to the remote server. There would be a down arrow if there was anything to pull.



The master branch is local but it has a “remote” called “upstream” (as seen in the pic) and I’d like to download changes from that. git pull upstream master works but I’m looking for a GUI equivalent.

I’m not that great with Git so maybe I’d doing this totally branch? I’ve merely forked a project on Github and want to download new changes from the original project into my fork. Seems pretty typical but I can’t figure out how SM wants me to do this.