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Git lfs issues


I think there are some shenanigans going on with git lfs. I have a file which is not modified on disk as far as SourceTree and git on the command-line are concerned. However, Sublime Merge thinks the file HAS been modified, with the diff showing the lfs pointer file on the left and the actual file contents on the right. When I go to the repository in the command-line and run git status however, Sublime Merge refreshes and no longer shows the diff. If I restart Sublime Merge, the diff re-appears.

It would also be great if there was a way to show the diff of the actual file contents rather than the lfs pointer. SourceTree allows this (we have some files in lfs that are occasionally quite large so they belong in lfs, but they are text and diffable and it’s nice to be able to actually diff the contents).




I have the same issues in current version of Sublime Merge (including Dev.) My current branch shows me 54 unstaged files, all of which are LFS files which are already commited. For me this especially happens when switching branches (Then, Sublime Merge finds all LFS files which are exclusive to that branch as “unstaged”.)



I see that SM is also not able to discard a change to an LFS file. Can this behaviour be confirmed by anyone else so that I can create an issue on SM if it is?



I am also seeing this problem on Windows (400 odd changed files all git-lfs ones) but it is fine on Mac.



For the changed unstaged files problem I opened a GitHub issue a while ago.

@Zorro666 It is a bit weird for me. Sometimes it works fine on some machines and then it starts happening again. Still seems to be related to SM having close to no LFS support as no other app nor the terminal CLI has any issues with LFS files. (On the same machines respectively.)

@jkhoriaty Not sure, but I’ll try to reproduce it when I’m back at my working machine.