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Git LFS Error in Sublime Merge Portable (Build 2056)


I am using Sublime Merge Portable on Windows 10.

Some of my repositories have GIT LFS.
Until today I had no issues with it.

Today I starte getting this error:


I get this error for any repository with GIT LFS on it.
Both for GitHub and GitLab (So it is not an issue with specific provider).

Any idea?



OK, It seems git-lfs.exe isn’t bundled with Sublime Merge Portable.

This is what I did:

  1. Downloaded Git Portable from
  2. Copied git-lfs.exe from it into SublimeMerge\Git\mingw64\bin.

Now it seems to work.
But it is better that Git LFS will be bundled by default.



Any chance to have the full GIT assembled in Sublime Merge Portable?
Or at least git-lfs?

It will make life much easier for first time experience.



I am using separatly installed full Git for Windows, which bundles Git LFS



I am using the portable version in order to have the same experience on any host.
This is the beauty of Windows, the easiness of creating portable flavors of the applications.

Currently the portable version is shipped with limited (Only some of the tools) of Git for Windows, I am asking to pack more of them, specifically, git-lfs.exe.



I am aware of Sublime Merge shipping with a minimal git for windows, if that’s what you mean. I just wanted to note that I work around its limitations by installing full Git for Windows separately and point SM to use that instead.

It’s very unlikely for SM to ship a full Git for Windows as it would bloat setup/application size too much.



Hi @Royi,

Thanks for reaching out and glad to see it’s all resolved on your end.

As @deathaxe noted, we won’t be shipping Git LFS by default as we aim to keep the download size to a minimum.

That being said, we are looking into ways we can improve this experience without bundling Git LFS by default.

- Dylan from Sublime HQ



@djohnston, The git-lfs.exe is about 2.7 [MB] compressed (Including the overhead of a single file, so in the package it will be even less effectively).
The portable archive is 33.5 [MB]. So we’re talking about order of magnitude.

@deathaxe, OK, no need for the full. Only the git-lfs.exe binary will do.